Following our visit to the Miao village that I wrote about in my last post, we boarded the bus and headed to an undisclosed location for lunch. After more winding roads, we eventually arrived at a very large rock shelter — no — cave, as it turns out. This would be where we would have a buffet lunch amidst a stage show, laser lights and a cast of hundreds of costumed staff. Lunch in China is often an adventure.


So many dishes, so much to photograph.


Yet another stage show. Incredible, as usual.


“Pig-shaped pastries” and other dishes including Black Bone Chicken, Nanxi Goose Breast, Bamboo Soup, Jiangtuan Fish, Braised Beef, Stewed Tofu with Chopped Pork and Quick-Fried Pumpkin Sprouts. Good thing we’d be walking this off with a visit to the Stone Sea in the afternoon.


Michael C. Snell photography

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