My third day in China started with another lengthy bus ride. I’d become fairly accustomed to the fact that I would never know too much about my destination. Board the bus, enjoy the ride, and be pleasantly surprised by whatever was waiting at the end. That pretty much sums up my approach to each day.

On this day, the first stop was listed on the itinerary as “Xingwen Miao Impression Town.” When we arrived, our destination revealed itself as a large (and growing) new tourist development built in an historic architectural style to promote the Miao people (a name given to a variety of ethnic groups living in the mountainous regions of southern China).


I knew we were getting close to our stop when the crowds along the road became much more populous. We came to a stop at a plaza with a large gathering of drummers, dancers, and other costumed performers. Our several busloads of tour agents and journalists joined the chaotic scene as I did my best to get a few photos of the colorfully-dressed performers. As the group was ushered through to a secondary area with food and arts displays, I switched into “portrait mode” to limit my scope a bit and to avoid having as many — or more — “tourists” in my shots as Miao people. Here are just a couple, before I move on to my next post about our lunch at a mysterious destination…



Michael C. Snell photography

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