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I last posted about my birding experience in the Extremadura region of Spain this past March, but it wasn’t all birds. Leave it to historic architecture and amazing colors to distract me. Here are a few more of the sights I saw in Extremadura, when not looking up at birds: I was picked up in Trujillo and […]

The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain, is an incredible collection of modern architecture set into what was once a riverbed. In an attempt to prevent future destructive flooding, the city re-routed the Turia River and developed its previous course into a series of gardens, punctuated by these futuristic structures that house concert halls, science […]

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here, but I promise I haven’t been sleeping. Winters are generally quiet for me in terms of travel. It’s a stretch of time I get to spend in the office, catching up, and making plans for the coming year. This year I’ve really been focused on my “brand” […]

I recently had the chance to photograph two of America’s favorite pastimes: Baseball and Lucha Libre wrestling. Well, maybe that second one is only in certain parts of America, but it should be embraced nationwide. I love it. First, a little spring training… And now, for comparison, let’s take a look at the Lucha Libre action at […]

It was a long trip to Granada, Spain. I flew to Chicago, had a 4-hour layover, flew on to Madrid for another layover of nearly 5 hours, then one more flight before finally arriving in Granada. I was checking into my hotel around 2:30 in the afternoon the day after having left home. My host was […]

It hasn’t escaped me that the day Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned corresponded almost exactly with the day I left Cairo two years ago (not that I’m trying to imply anything about the importance of my having been there — I won’t appear in the historical record, I’m sure). On the 11th of February, 2009, […]

Saturday morning was the Lawrence Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade. Lawrence’s parade is a bit unique in that it is all horses — until the very end when the street sweepers make a pass, of course. It was a great morning: blue sky and not too cold. We met friends and followed them back to their house […]

Ropin’ kids


A couple of kids that performed rope tricks for us during a quick lunch in Magdalena on our way from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara. It was a beautiful drive through rain forest, over mountains and through lush valleys but the people of Magdalena were the highlight.

I’m putting together some last-minute details for a Photoshop session that I’ll be leading in Guadalajara, Mexico, next week and grabbed this shot from my recent St. Louis trip to use for a dodge-and-burn demo. I found this “shrine” in a fantastically junky little shop on Cherokee Street. By duplicating the layer and setting the […]

I needed a shot of some cherries for an upcoming episode of our vidcast, Travel by the Pint, today so we made a quick run down to the local grocery store and picked up a bag. Back in the “studio” (more of a spare bedroom, really), I set up a small light table left over […]

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