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This rustic door welcomed us to another important and impressive site along the French Way in Galicia, Spain: the¬†Church of Vilar de Donas, built in the 12th century. Inside, gothic frescos¬†showed the passage of time. It was a cool respite from a day that was rapidly growing warmer, but we were soon out on the […]

It’s an exciting and scary week around here. I’ve been putting off upgrading my old G5 Mac tower for far too long. It was running fine but beginning to get a little tired. I could respect that. I get a little tired, too. But then Snow Leopard came along — running only on Intel-chipped machines […]

Apple has released a new version of Aperture. I’ve never tried Aperture myself. It looks interesting enough but my poor, aging G5 has never met the minimum requirements to run it. Now, however, it seems Apple has lowered the requirements to the point that I just sneak in. Or I’m reading something wrong. At any […]

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