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I had a fairly busy year of travel photography in 2016 and I’m still trying to get caught up with processing everything and keeping my stock agencies fed. I’ve also been working on another of my “Journals of a Travel Photographer” books — this one on my trip to Galicia, Spain, in July of last […]

Lizhuang, China


After the crazy distillery tour I wrote about in my last post, we seemingly went back in time by visiting the historic village of Lizhuang, China. The riverfront has apparently had quite a bit of recent investment put into it and the buildings have either been restored or rebuilt in an old style to house a […]

Mondrian Bike


I’ve been woefully neglect in my posting here on the ol’ blog, but it’s not for lack of shooting. I’ve accumulated plenty of images over the last few weeks that will provide all kinds of fodder for the blog, I just need to kick myself back into the habit of posting. Sorry! There really is […]

Another town nearby to Madrid, Spain, and Barajas airport is Chinchon, and — yes — it, too, has a wonderful parador (the Parador de Chinchon, of course). Although maybe not quite as close to the airport as the parador in Alcala de Henares that I wrote about in my last post, it’s still close enough […]

As the holiday season gets into full swing and the year winds down, I want to share just a couple more Spanish cities that I visited in 2014 but that I haven’t mentioned yet because they weren’t the focus of the trip. On all of my 2013-2014 trips to Spain, I’ve flown Iberia and landed […]

It is said that Esther Williams called Spain’s Mar Menor “the largest swimming pool in the world.” In fact, it’s a large body of shallow, warm water separated from the Mediterranean by a narrow strip of sand called La Manga. La Manga is just wide enough in places to allow for a road and beachfront […]

Just over two weeks ago, I was jetting my way back to Spain — this time to photograph the region of Murcia in the southeastern part of the country. The first night was spent in the Parador de Lorca. Paradores have become a favorite of mine — always unique and often historic in one way […]

Almunecar, Spain, sits on the Mediteranean Sea, fringed with palm trees. At first glance, it seemed the kind of place I could have spent a lot of time. Happily. We’d had a busy day along the Tropical Coast, however, and we were running a bit late. Sunset was not far off when we arrived in […]

Leaving Granada, Spain, and heading southeast, the roads twist and turn their way through the Sierra Nevada in a region called “the Alpujarra.” If you’ve read the book, “Driving Over Lemons,” by Chris Stewart (former Genesis drummer) it is set in this area. The view above is the town of Capileira, seen from the neighboring town […]

I often ask myself, “what did I do to deserve this?” Not because I think I’m being punished for something undeservedly. Quite the opposite. More like – what have I done to deserve these amazing opportunities that come my way? I think this most often when traveling. Say what you will about the discomfort of […]

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